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Bryan Pollock birding in the Colombia highlands
Bryan Pollock
Bryan Pollock hiking in a rainforest in central America
Bryan Pollock working on the boat in central America

Bryan Pollock

Digital Painter

Vancouver, Canada/San Isidro el Generale, Costa Rica

The first time I stood in a tropical rainforest I was immediately gobsmacked. The mystery of the place combined with the cacophony of calls, songs, smells and light overwhelmed everyone of my senses. It was a pivotal event in my life and has resulted in a 180 degree artistic change of course cumulating in my pursuing ornithological illustration and painting.

Part of my shtick as an artist has always been about inquiry. Not unusual but in my case it began with strict classical anatomy training starting at the age of 17. It was only natural that this curiosity would eventually come to embrace ornithology which was always an avid interest from early childhood.

Currently, I’m working on is the regional endemics of Central America.

There are 137 endemics in this region  so there’s a lot of work is involved to get things right. I’m fortunate to be able to communicate with ornithologists, labs and naturalists who all contribute knowledge and information to the work.

The primary goal with these paintings is to accurately depict an average healthy adult in breeding plumage possibly with a female and sometimes a juvenile. The second priority is to wherever possible include the flora, food sources and habitat as well. Getting arty comes third.

These paintings purposely share little of the aesthetic goals of contemporary photographic/painting bird art practiced today.

if anything they have more in common with the bird portraitures of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries whose primary goal is usually a single portrait of an entire species.

These works tend to be complete fabrications or constructs started from a blank page. The pose, scene and light are invented from scratch without any reference to a photograph. It can be a method fraught with starts, stops and going backwards as line, shape, pose and mass are massaged out of a blank page.

If you would like to purchase a print of a painting seen here or on the instagram account send me a note via the contact page and we’ll arrange things from there.

Many of these works are featured in the “101+ Common Birds of Costa Rica” book featured on Amazon in print form and Amazon and Apple Books in ebook form here.


Born on the cold prairies of Winnipeg Canada

Studied illustration, design and colour theory, Winnipeg

Studied classical life drawing and anatomy, Winnipeg

Studied renaissance paint making, classical painting and life drawing, Venice California

Living on a sailboat since 1989, Vancouver Canada

Sailed from Vancouver to Nova Scotia via the Panama Canal over a 10 year period

Created books and paintings for the Neoteopicalbirdproject in Costa Rica for 7 years.

Bryan Pollock

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